75 Days and Counting

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As of the 7th of May, it’s only 75 days until the release of Star Trek Beyond.

As we all wait with baited breath to see this movie that is wrapped up with so much hope and weighed down with so many fans’ concerns, the people behind the film are finally starting to give us some additional insight into this third voyage into the alternate timeline created by 2009’s Star Trek.

First, Paramount recently registered the title “Star Trek 4” with the Motion Picture Association of America.

Does this mean there’s already a fourth movie ready to shift into pre-production?


But, it does mean Parmount has faith the new Trek film will do well.  So much so, both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are signed for another sequel.

For more information on this, visit TrekMovie here.

Not long after Paramount registered the generic title for a potential fourth movie, a little more news came out – from the film’s new director, the talented franchise saviour Justin Lin, and one of the film’s stars John Cho.

In an interview with 1905.com, an official subsidiary of the China Movie Channel, Justin spoke at length on the efforts he and his fellow creatives went to, to make the new movie about character.  Action remains important, because the film will be a major blockbuster for the studio, but Justin is convinced he’s struck a good balance between spectacular explosions and other action set pieces, and beautiful and meaningful character moments.

To read the article at TrekCore click here.

John Cho also spoke on the character moments that Justin focused on in the new movie, commenting on how – more than any other Star Trek film in the reboot series – Beyond feels truest to the original series.

To read more from John’s interview, visit the always brilliant TrekCore here.

Finally, Sofia Boutella is in the recording booth doing some post production work on the new film, in time for its imminent release.

Sofia recently did some ADR work (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) for the new film, which is common for pretty much every major production.

ADR is used to clean up dialogue that might not have been caught during filming, or might have been spoiled by another sound intruding that either wasn’t picked up by the sound people, or was picked up with the Director deciding it could be corrected in post without going to the extra expense of resetting a scene and filming yet another in what might have been a long series of takes.

To read a little bit more, visit TrekCore again here.

That’s it for now.  With a little over two months until the movie comes out, we’ll no doubt hear more about the film and see more – especially when the next trailer drops later this month.

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