Spotlight On… Space: 1999

Welcome to the Space: 1999 and Space: 2059 pages of SciFi Mojo.

The classic 1970s science fiction series, Space: 1999, has been a fan favourite for decades.  Despite it’s age (and those flares), and despite some of the “way out” concepts that were explored on an episode-by-episode basis, it continues to find new fans every year.

Because of that, it’s a main stay on our site and is the featured show spotlighted on our main page.

This section of the site is about the original show, but it’s also about our take on a possible reboot that we believe would appeal to today’s content hungry audiences, and fit nicely into the ongoing revolution in television that is streaming entertainment.

So… how do you take an old show about the moon being blasted out of Earth orbit in 1999, and modernise it and make it relevant (and reasonably scientifically accurate) to today’s audiences?

Such a good question!  You’ll have to explore the ever-evolving Space: 2059 pages to find out.

If you do choose to explore further, use the menu function at the top of the page, and keep in mind that our Space: 1999 page is an historic record of a show a lot of people loved, whereas the Space: 2059 pages are current, and continue to be a work in progress.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read, whether you’re here for a bit of nostalgia and television history, or for a look at what a Space: 1999 reboot (that REALLY honours the original show) could look like.

Space 1999 Year 1 Promotional Poster