Space: 1999 and Space 2049

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Welcome to the Space: 1999 and Space 2049 pages of SciFi Regen.

As you clicked onto this part of the site, there’s a chance you saw a list of other associated pages drop down, all focused on either the old school 1970s TV show Space: 1999, or an unauthorised fan-project that proposes one possible way of bringing that show back, called Space 2049.

Because Space: 1999 has been off the air for a few decades now, the page about Space: 1999 is primarily historic.

The pages dedicated to Space 2049, however, are current, and continue to be a work in progress.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read, whether you’re here for a bit of nostalgia and history or for a look at what a Space: 1999 thinks is a good way to get the show remade for a modern audience.

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