Star Wars: Rebirth

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Star Wars is alive and VERY right now, mostly thanks to the success of its recent forays into the world of television… well… streaming. Do we still call that TV?

The Mandalorian kicked that off, restoring some of what fans felt had been lacking from that galaxy far, far away since Disney had taken over the story.

While the recent Book of Boba Fett didn’t impress as much as it could have (thanks primarily to the Disneyfication of Boba), the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series proved that The Mandalorian wasn’t a fluke, and that the House of Mouse actually could make great Star Wars content.

In this fans not so humble opinion, the biggest mistake Disney made, was eradicating the Skywalker line. I get that a few felt it was important to move beyond the stories of Anakin, Padme, Leia and Luke, and I agree that it’s a much bigger universe full of potentially hundreds of fantastic characters all deserving of their time in the limelight… but does it have to be at the expense of the Skywalker legacy?

The Skywalker’s’ and their story mean a lot to multiple generations of fans, and within the universe that Star Wars exists in, there is something incredibly special about them: the entire family line came into being via the will of the Force.

Were they just brought into being to experience tragedy? Did they ever actually realise the potential of Anakin – and bring balance to the Force? Were they nothing more than an aberration?

I don’t think so, and I’d love nothing more than to see a series pick up the Skywalker family story and continue it for yet even more generations of viewers ravenous for a fantastical science fiction fairy tale about good and evil.

The Skywalker Family: Shmi, Anakin, Padme, Leia, Luke and Ben (Kylo).

At the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I was really disappointed at how things worked out for the Skywalker family. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, and apart from being annoyed by the way too big spectacle of it all (how many hidden Star Destroyers were there again?), I simply felt let down. I felt that Luke and Leia had been let down, and through them, the story that was Anakin and Padme and Shmi’s too.

Ben (Kylo) had a full journey in the sequel trilogy, and after killing his own father there really was no way out for him. Redemption needed to happen via self-sacrifice and death. But nothing felt fulfilled for any other Skywalker (or in Padme’s case, secretly married to a Skywalker).

But one scene did stand out for me.

No, it’s not the one where Rey declares herself a Skywalker, rather than a Palpatine. That wasn’t even remotely satisfying. It have me a warm feeling inside, but one that was ultimately hollow.

It’s the scene where Ben gives his life force to Rey, and then dies.

That scene tickled around in my mind for a long time. Breaking through constantly in the first months of the pandemic, where seeking solace in science fiction was the only way I kept myself sane.

All I kept thinking was… “what if that transfer of energy made Rey pregnant?”

That’s very fan-servicey, I know… but I don’t have an issue with fan-service if it’s done well. For me, the Skywalker story doesn’t need to be over, and I don’t believe it should be over.

As a fan of Star Wars who grew up on it and was shaped by the story of Leia, Luke and Han in some way, I want nothing more than for future generations to know the Skywalker name, and to have that connection to the original movies that might also shape them and fill them with wonder as they grow up. I’d hate for the original trilogy to be eventually forgotten, because there was no through-line to that 1977 masterpiece, and because Disney wants to tell different stories.

There’s more than enough room in the galaxy for both.

And so, this story/script outline – which been done without any permission from Lucasfilm or Disney. It’s just a fan boys dream of what a future Star Wars story could be, and would work well on TV.


Set in 65 ABY, 30 years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


Soleia Organa-SkywalkerJoryn Hunter
Cebecca VossKet Rand
Red SylkaOryssa of the Sollyn
Sejanna SaanVin Kilgar
Kalos MetPhasma
Ariella SentisKeedah the Hutt
Tengan BayRose Tico
Rey SkywalkerFinn
Poe DameronC-3P0

Story Outline

It’s 30-years after the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

After the fall of the First Order, the remaining Resistance heroes worked closely with the leaders of multiple worlds to establish the Fourth Republic.

In an attempt to signal stability, and to reclaim the former capital of the known galaxy from the crime lords who had devastated it after the fall of the Empire (as well as erase the memory of Palpatine and his rule), Coruscant once again became the centre of galactic government.

Having been torn apart by various civil wars, Coruscant was a mix of still majestic structures, and deep, barren crevasses.

In an attempt to heal the shattered world and its people, a 20-year reclamation project was initiated, that eventually transformed the destroyed areas of the planet (approximately 30%) into open grasslands, artificial lakes, mountain ranges, waterfalls, and forests.

In memory of Princess Leia Organa, the largest parkland area was named Organa Park, with the residential areas around the reclaimed land given to Alderaanian survivors who chose to relocate from New Alderaan to the capital. Organa Park also held the new Senate building and the official residence of the President of the Republic (formerly known as Chancellor).

As Coruscant was rebuilt, Rey Skywalker set about establishing a school on the planet of Naboo, to instruct force-sensitives in the ways of the New Jedi Order.

She gave birth to her child on Naboo, during the construction of the new school.

The New Jedi Order strove to teach its students to live in balance with the force. It acknowledged the original Jedi and Sith, and promoted neither – instead using both as cautionary tales.

Now, Jedi could love. They could also experience all emotion without fear of reprisal or judgement – but with the expectation they would train to temper any extreme reactions and channel everything, positive and not so positive, into helping the galaxy.

Guided by the force ghosts of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, Rey taught her first students, of which her daughter was one, passing on everything she had learned from Luke and Leia.

Our story takes place ten years after Coruscant was restored, and days after Rey’s daughter and her childhood friend, Joryn, achieve the highest rank available to a Jedi. No longer called Masters, senior Jedi were now referred to as ‘Guardian.’

The galaxy has been more or less at peace this entire time, with the only trouble coming from the various crime syndicates that had retreated to the Outer Rim, after they were forced off Coruscant.

At the start of our story, those syndicates have once again stretched out their hands toward the Core,spearheaded by the newest syndicate, Apex.