Star Wars: Legacy

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Star Wars is alive and doing very well right now, mostly thanks to the success of its recent forays into the world of streaming.

Jon Favreau and his brainchild, The Mandalorian, did what the sequel films couldn’t quite do (after the initial success of The Force Awakens), and restored a sense of wonder to that galaxy far, far away.

Gone were the bigger than ever bad guy weapons of mass destruction, and the retread villains, and back were the intimate stories set against an epic background that had made the original Star Wars so great. Yes, we all loved the Death Star and the space battles, but we really connected with the smaller stories of a boy discovering his destiny and a Princess and her scoundrel falling in love.

While the recent Book of Boba Fett didn’t impress as much as it could have (thanks primarily to the Disneyfication of Boba), the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series proved that The Mandalorian wasn’t a fluke, and Andor cemented that even further.

The future of Star Wars, it seems, is best on a smaller screen.

Especially considering the fact that for many of us, the recent silver-screen outings took something very special away from the Star Wars universe. The Skywalker family.

The Skywalker’s’ and their story mean a lot to the fans, and that family made the gargantuan feel personal.

Does every Star Wars story need to be about the Skywalkers? Definitely not, but that doesn’t mean they need to be wiped away and discarded. Their story is the connective tissue of Star Wars – and their legacy isn’t something that can be adopted by taking on their name. Rey is special, but she didn’t become a Skywalker magically, just because she was trained by Luke and then Leia, and had a unique connection to Leia and Han’s son.

I’d love nothing more than to see a series pick up the Skywalker family story somehow, and continue it for even more generations of viewers to enjoy.

At the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I felt let down. The film left me feeling empty, when it should have left me feeling joyous – like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had, three or so decades before (give or take the Ewoks). I enjoyed the third sequel movie for what it was (though the spectacle got a bit silly toward the end), but it’s the only film in the entire series that I can’t watch all the way through, after originally seeing it at the cinema when it was released.

But one scene did stand out for me though, and provide me with a sense of hope.

No, it’s not the one where Rey declares herself a Skywalker. That was sweet, but hollow.

It’s the scene where Ben gives his life force to Rey, and then dies.

That scene rattled around in my mind for a long time. All I kept thinking was… “what if that transfer of energy made Rey pregnant?”

That’s very fan-servicey, I know… but I don’t have an issue with fan-service, like so many seem to. If it’s done well, I don’t see anything wrong with it. For me, the Skywalker story doesn’t need to be over, and it shouldn’t be, and honestly, I don’t believe it ever needs to be. It’s a part of our collective consciousness now, and Luke and Leia and Anakin and their family are important.

There really is more than enough room in that galaxy far, far away, for unique and individual stories of adventure that introduce us to never before seen heroes and villains, as well as stories about the Skywalker family.

And so, this fan-story/script is a “what if,” intended to sooth my disappointed fan-soul, and hopefully yours too, if your reaction to the sequel films was anything like mine.

Personally, I’d rather the Skywalker Line (including those who made the continuation of the line possible) look like this…

The addition of a daughter via a mystical occurrence caused by the Force, would be a nice nod to how Anakin was born, and a beautiful and meaningful way of carrying on the legacy of the Skywalker family.

May the Force be with us all, and let’s hope that at some point soon, Disney returns the Skywalker’s to us.

Leneia Skywalker (Len-A-ah Skywalker)
Daughter of Rey Skywalker (Palpatine), via a Force transfer with Ben Solo at the time of his death.
Note: The name is an amalgamation of Ben Solo’s first name, and Luke and Leia’s names. Rey chose that combination because of the importance of her connection to those characters as her teachers.
Leneia struggles with her legacy – great grand-daughter of the former Emporer, Palpatine, and great grand-daughter of Darth Vader.
She takes after her mother, though has the introspective nature of her father, Ben Solo. Those who knew her grandmother, Leia Organa, say she is most like her.

Billie Lourd as
Leneia Skywalker

Joryn Hunter (Jor-in Hunter)
Late-twenties or early thirties
Joryn struggles with anger, and fears that if he had been born at a different time, he may have become Sith.

Piri Dakar (Peer-ee Dah-kar)
Piri’s mother died at childbirth, and her father perished on the forest moon of Keris III.

Sedecca Voss (Sed-ek-ah Voss)
Late teens

Kyran Damos (Kir-an Day-moss)
Late teens

Jed Sylka (Jed Silk-ah)
Age Unknown (An actor in their 50s)
Retired Bounty Hunter, Independent Pilot

Oryssa (Or-iss-ah)
Age Unknown
Ga’in (Sentient Flora)
President of the Fourth Republic (the Chancellor position was redefined)

Seraya Saan (Sir-ay-ah Sarn)
Queen of Naboo

Vin Wystek (Vin Wis-tek)
Late-fourties to early-fifties
Head of the Striker Criminal Empire
Vin is an anarchist through and through. He has a Code that he lives by, where he protects those he loves above all else, but he wants to see the galaxy burn. He has recently discovered he is Force-sensitive, but has a strong hatred of the Jedi. He has begun seeking out Sith Holocrons.

Keedha (Key-da)
Age Unknown
Head of the Hutt Family Crime Syndicate

Ariella Sentis (Ar-e-ella Sen-tis)
Head of the Imperial Union (Grand Admiral)
Admiral Sentis led the remnants of the old Empire and the First Order after the death of the cloned Emperor Palpatine. She helped broker a peace between the Imperial Union and the Fourth Republic, carving out a slice of the galaxy for those who wanted to live outside of the Republic.

Ersta Baryn (Er-star Baron)
Age Unknown
Republic Intelligence Agent

Ten years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Keris III, a moon in the Talvaris Star System, Mid-Rim

Jedi Training Academy

Keris III is a small forest moon where Rey Skywalker and her husband, Finn, have set up a training academy for force sensitives who want to train as Jedi.

It’s being ripped apart by incredible tectonic forces.

The Fourth Republic has sent an evacuation team to the planet, but there aren’t enough available vessels to rescue everyone.

A ten-year old girl watches an argument between her father, Rey Skywalker, and Rey’s husband, Finn:

“You can’t abandon your daughter,” Rey shouts.

“And you can’t abandon your path. There are so few Jedi, and they need you. This feels right, Rey. It’s the will of the Force. I know it.”

“That’s… you’re wrong! I know what it’s like to grow up alone. She needs you! You’re all she’s got. Get on that ship. I’ll stay behind.”

The little girl watches as Rey’s husband, Finn, takes Rey’s hand and quickly kisses her on her forehead. “I’ll stay.”

“No!” Rey’s scream makes the girl flinch. “Don’t you dare, Finn…”

“Both of you, stop!” The girls father holds his ground. “My daughter has you, she has Finn. She has all of these Jedi students. She won’t be alone.” The girl watches as her father pauses. “The Order won’t survive without you, Rey.”

The girl watches as Rey cries and shouts in anger. Her husband holds her, tears streaming from his eyes.

“Go.” Her father says simply. “Please.”

The girl is swept up in strong arms as Finn carries her to the transport. She is screaming and begging.

Rey and the girl’s father follow behind.

As they reach the transport, the girl’s father takes her little hand. “It’s the will of the Force.” He touches his forehead to hers, then kisses her on both cheeks.

“No,” she sobs. “NO!”

“We have to go!” The pilot shouts.

“Jump on,” Rey pleads. “Jump on! Please. We can take one more!”

“We’re overloaded,” the pilot shrieks. “We’ll be lucky if we can break atmosphere.”

The girl watches as her father steps back. “I’ve made my choice,” he shouts and smiles. “May the Force be with you.”

The girl hears incoherent shrieking. It’s her. “I hate the Force!”

She cries into the wind as the rescue craft lifts off and struggles toward the sky.

A Little More Detail…

The series is set 30-35 years after the fall of the First Order.

Prior to that, and immediately after the defeat of the First Order, the Resistance forces and their allies headed for Coruscant to take back the planet, which had been ravaged by civil wars and the abuses of multiple crime syndicates after the destruction of the second Death Star. The Resistance intends to declare Coruscant the capital of the known galaxy once again.

Still a majestic, shining city world, the wars and lack of care had seen 30% of the planet reduced to rubble.

The Interim Republic-Establishment Committee, under the guidance of one of the only remaining New Republic leaders – Senator Oryssa of the Ga’in, set up the Coruscant Reclamation Project, which would transform the destroyed areas into open grasslands, forests, and other natural areas.

The CRP named the largest parkland that was constructed after Princess (later General) Leia Organa, in memory of her lifetime of service to the citizens of the Empire, the New Republic, the Rebel Alliance, and the Resistance.

At the centre of the park they placed the formal residence of the President (no longer called Chancellor) of the Fourth Republic, and named it Mon Mothma House, after the first Chancellor of the New Republic (and former Old Republic and Imperial Senator, and Rebel Alliance leader).

While Coruscant was being reclaimed, Rey Skywalker journeyed to Naboo with her friends Finn, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2, to give birth to Leia Organa and Han Solo’s grandchild, a child she would name Leneia.

As Leneia grew, Rey and Finn set up a school for Force sensitives on Naboo, as Rey heeded the teachings of the Force ghosts of Luke and Leia. They encouraged her to do something new – to combine everything together. As a Jedi Master, Luke felt the Jedi had failed, but there was still a lot of worth in their teachings. As a Sith, Luke and Leia both felt that Ben had taught Rey some valuable lessons. As an exceptionally powerful Force-sensitive, Leia had loved and had a child, and lived a life away from the restrictions of the Jedi, and never once betrayed her beliefs or abandoned her goals. She had shown everyone that you can be a powerful Force-user without needing to adhere to either the teachings of the Jedi or the Sith.

Finn proposed to Rey on Naboo, and they married shortly after Leneia’s birth.

And so Rey and Finn, who had begun his training as a Jedi, created something new.

Gone were Masters and Knights. They were replaced by Teachers and Rangers.

The Jedi kept themselves separate from the Republic military and its politics, and worked to provide relief and support to a galaxy devastated by decades of war.

Jedi were no longer expected to live without attachment, and the were encouraged to fall in love, marry, and have children, if they wanted to.

As the Order grew in size, they moved from Naboo to the forest moon of Keris III. When that moon tragically exploded, the Jedi Academy relocated to Yavin IV.

As our story starts, after the flashback above, Rey and Finn are stepping back from the Order, and setting up a Council of Guardians who will continue the work of rebirthing the Order, and leading the Jedi into the future.

The galaxy has been more or less at peace this entire time.

The remnants of the Empire and the First Order gathered together to create the Imperial Union, and entered into a peace treaty with the Republic.

The crime syndicates that had retreated to the Outer Rim after they were forced from Coruscant, were the only real cause for concern.

Those syndicates were stretching out their hands toward the Core again, with some of them joining forces with a strange but powerful ‘cult,’ that, according to Republic Intelligence reports, is intent on plunging the known galaxy into a new dark age.

The Children of the Rising Dawn intend to eradicate anything and everything that feeds the Force, and uses it. Including themselves.

What no one knows, is that a former Jedi is behind the cult, and is recruiting other Force users to their cause. Their plan? Destroy the Force, destroy all Force users, and shutdown the hyper-lanes so that the worlds of the galaxy are isolated and forced to become independent.

This is a work in progress. Check out the Series Bible (which is currently being written) for more information on this fan’s take on a new Star Wars television series.