Star Trek: Sentinel

I started this site a very long time ago, back when Star Trek had been off television for way too long. So long, many of us feared it might never come back.

We had the J.J. Abrams movies, but we hadn’t had a Star Trek series on television in close to ten-years.

As a Star Trek fan, that bothered me a lot. It frustrated me even more. So I allowed my imagination to wonder.

I asked myself the question: “If I were ever given the chance to do my own Star Trek show… what would it look like?” You know, the kind of fantasy a lot of us fans have.

Star Trek: Sentinel was what fell out of my head.

Of course, now, thankfully, we are experiencing a wonderful resurgence of all things Trek, with a very carefully cultivated series of shows that seek to be unique – while honouring everything that had gone before them.

We have the series that re-started it all, Star Trek: Discovery. It had a bumpy beginning, but has grown to become something wonderful.

That was followed by Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy, and most recently, the incredible Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. And there are even more shows in development (at least two, as of 2022).

The pages that follow are a record of that now almost ten-year old response to the fanboy question I asked myself back in 2014. Click on the menu button, find Star Trek: Sentinel, hit the little “+” sign next to it, and dive in.