A Star Trek Film and Series Update

Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek Series VI Banner

We’re only weeks away from the release of Star Trek Beyond, and only months away from the release of the as yet unnamed sixth live action Star Trek television series.

Simon Pegg recently spoke about the upcoming feature film he co-wrote, in particular addressing some fans’ concerns around the recent re-shoots that took place last month.

This always happens in filmmaking,” Simon said.  “Often, when you get into the edit and you look at the movie and think, ‘Oh, it’s a shame we didn’t get that reaction shot’ or, ‘Maybe in this scene we could have brought in [some] aspect of the developing plot.’

So, having a cut of the movie, we were able to assess – and thankfully, given the freedom – to go in and do touch-up kind of things on what we already had, which is a great opportunity.

Simon also spoke out in defense of Beyond’s director, Justin Lin, who some fans fear might have turned the third Trek film in the reboot series into a The Fast and the Furious in space… and for many fans the first official trailer made those fears worse.

What many of fans forget is that while Justin is best known for injecting new energy into the Furious franchise, he’s made eight other films and has also directed a handful of TV episodes including installments of the comedy Community and the hit crime drama Scorpion.

I hate people saying that because it’s Justin Lin it’s just going to be Fast & Furious in Space! It’s a kind of reductive, asinine criticism.

Justin’s history as a filmmaker started off with a Sundance movie called Better Luck Tomorrow.  He’s a smart, sensitive guy.

To read more, visit TrekCore here.

The Captains

In other Trek news, the new Star Trek series will follow in Star Trek Beyond‘s footsteps and film in Canada.  The latest series will break with tradition and film outside of the United States, which will be the first time a Star Trek television series has filmed entirely in another country.

TrekCore confirmed this news for us a few days ago.  For more information read their article here.

It’s not unusual for expensive, effects heavy series to film outside of the US, to take advantage of the various tax breaks available in some countries. The Battlestar Galactica remake filmed in Canada, and more recently the science fiction mini-series Childhood’s End and the brand new science fiction series Hunters filmed in Australia.

It makes sense CBS would choose to save a few dollars on what will be an effects heavy series, if not the most effects heavy live action television series in history.

Other than the filming location and the creative talent behind the show, we still don’t know anything else about this new Trek.

It’s due to start filming in September, and a cast should be in place around June/July.

Hopefully, we’ll get more news in the coming weeks.

Star Trek Beyond opens on the 22nd of July, and Star Trek series six starts airing in January 2017, with the pilot episode showing on CBS and the rest of the season on CBS All Access.

We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop as more information comes to light.

With the release of these two new projects, and the Paramount/CBS lawsuit against Axanar and the issues that is causing for fan films, it’s an interesting time to be a Star Trek fan.

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