Live Action Series 6 Update

New Series Announced

In a mildly confusing twist, CBS Entertainment‘s President, Glenn Geller, told the Television Critics Association yesterday that CBS Entertainment doesn’t really have anything to do with the new show, and that they definitely do not have any creative input into the development of the as yet untitled sixth live action Star Trek television series.

It’s all in the hands of CBS All Access.

The Captains of Star Trek

CBS All Access is essentially a separate entity to CBS Entertainment, and although they’re all a part of CBS it looks like they don’t cross over.  The next Star Trek series will premier on the broadcast network, but as reported in other posts, all subsequent episodes will stream on All Access and only All Access.

/Film have the report here, and TrekCore have also featured it on their site here.  TrekCore have attempted to follow up via Twitter, and if I read their report correctly, are planning to try and nail CBS All Access down and get some information out of them.

We wish them luck!  CBS dropping the announcement a couple of months ago was great, but we’ve not heard anything since.

The new series is being developed by Alex Kurtzman and is scheduled to premier on the 17th of January 2017.

Maybe if your craving for news is particularly bad, you might think about dropping an e-mail to CBS All Access asking them to share a little love with the fans.

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