A Star Trek Update

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There have been a few news items this week on Star Trek, including a behind-the-scenes look at the next movie, and information on three new soundtrack releases that have been put together for the 50th Anniversary.

Let’s talk music first!

The first release that was announced was a three disc set titled Star Trek: The Next Generation Volume 2 with music from the series by Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway and George Romanis.  If you’d like to know more, there’s an article on it at TrekCore here.

The next two releases were announced on the same day, with one being a limited edition version of the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan soundtrack by the legendary James Horner, who we lost last year in a tragic plane crash in California.

This CD is expected to sell out fast!  If you’d like to purchase a copy, hit this link.

The other release is a special 50th Anniversary treat that brings us the music of Star Trek: Voyager.  It’s the first all-Voyager soundtrack we’ve had since the release of the music for the pilot episode “Caretaker”.

For more details, jump over to the feature article at TrekCore here.

And now… Star Trek Beyond.  Spoilers ahoy!

Spoiler Alert

ET (Entertainment Tonight) brought the world an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek this week.

ET have always been great to Star Trek.  I remember being a young teen and sitting up late to watch ET on TV in the hopes of catching news on Star Trek: The Next Generation when it was gearing up for its premiere in the mid-80s.  Thanks to ET and the old Starlog magazine, I always felt like I was in touch with Star Trek and everything happening in Trekdom, despite the fact I was growing up thousands of kilometers away from Hollywood.

During the production of Star Trek Beyond, ET were invited to the set and managed to nab a few quick minutes with four of the stars – Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and John Cho.

According to the actors, there was a lot of nostalgia on set, with everyone feeling the responsibility to Star Trek‘s legacy, especially with the movie coming out in the middle of Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary year.

In the video available online at ET, the actors also fill us in on a bit of the backstory.

The Enterprise is two years into her five-year mission and she’s a bit worn and a little more ‘lived in’ looking than we might be used to.  The whole crew is there, but they’re all a little sick and tired of seeing the same old faces day in and day out, and are feeling the stress of being away from family and friends.

As well as back story, Karl Urban also tells us why the uniforms have changed, and John Cho talks about Sulu’s surprise – he has a daughter!

The Prime Universe Sulu also had a daughter, though she wasn’t born until some time in between the end of the five-year mission and the launch of the refit Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Fans are speculating that Sulu’s daughter is Demora Sulu, last seen in the Prime Star Trek reality in Star Trek: Generations helming the USS Enterprise B.

During the interview we also get a look at some brand new phaser designs, and flashes of the Enterprise at red alert and in the middle of what looks like a hostile boarding action.

To watch the video of ETs visit to the set, click here.

Finally, there’s a very interesting editorial over at io9 on the essential difference between Star Trek and Star Wars.

The article is by Charlie Jane Anders, who is one of the incredibly talented writers over at that particular online haven for all things geeky.

To read Charlie’s editorial, click here.

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