Star Trek: Renegades Update – A New Cast Member Joins the Crew

Star Trek Renegades Banner

Star Trek: Renegades is reporting an exciting addition to their cast for episode two of this new independent series… the wonderful Robert Beltran.

Robert is best known to Star Trek fans for playing Commander Chakotay, the Starfleet officer who became a member of the Marquis, only to return to Starfleet (sort of) when his ship was stranded in the Delta Quadrant with the USS Voyager in the pilot episode of that series, ‘Caretaker’.

Robert Beltran

Robert has an impressive career as an actor, performing on stage and in film and television.  To check out Robert’s career, visit his Wikipedia page here and his IMDb page here.

Renegades is reporting that Robert will be reprising the role of Chakotay, which will be interesting because of what has happened to Icheb in the ten years since Voyager returned, and because Tuvok is now the head of the sometimes sinister, oftentimes manipulative Section 31.

I’m wracking my brain trying to work out how they will introduce Chakotay post Voyager?!  Is he now the Captain of the Voyager?  Janeway is, after all, a Vice Admiral (as we saw in Star Trek: Nemesis).  Has Tuvok brought him into Section 31?  Maybe he retired from Starfleet and gets swept up into an adventure he’d much rather not be a part of?  Does the crew of the Icarus recruit him to serve with them?

The possibilities are exciting to contemplate.

We’ll keep updating you on Renegades as more information comes to light, and hopefully some other Star Trek news sites will give some love and attention to this independent series so we can read a variety of different opinions.

With Robert now on board, all we need is someone from Next Gen to get a role and Renegades will have featured an actor from every incarnation of Star Trek.  My vote is for Suzi Plakson from TNG, she played Doctor Selar and K’Ehleyr in Next Gen, and the female Q in Voyager.  I’ve always wondered what happened to Selar (outside of Peter David’s ‘New Frontier’ series of novels)… plus, Suzi’s an amazing actor who is a lot of fun to watch.

Doctor Selar

If you’re not receiving updates from Star Trek: Renegades, visit their website here.  You can sign up to their newsletter and that will let you receive regular updates.

Renegades will also be starting a new Kickstarter campaign soon to fund the rest of the series.  Think about donating!  As I’ve said a number of times before, there is amazing potential in this independent series – and it’s probably the only way we’ll get new Trek outside of the movies for some time to come.

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