Nu-Trek III Update – TrekCore’s Rolling Dubai Coverage

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TrekCore continue to update the world on the ongoing filming of the new Star Trek blockbuster due out next year, in time for Trek’s massive 50th anniversary.

According to TrekCore, the filming in Dubai will wind down over the next few days, but until that happens they remain committed to bringing us as much information as they can on the production.

Rather than post something every time TrekCore sticks up a new video, I’m just going to alert you all to the fact that TrekCore is running a series of rolling updates and anytime they come across new still shots or videos they will be linking to them and featuring them on their site.

Go check out day four of TrekCore’s Star Trek Dubai coverage right here.  I’m not sure if I’ve read this right or not, but TrekCore seem to be suggesting that the new uniforms we’ve been seeing in shots and video footage over the last few days are for the USS Yorktown – so that might explain some of the uniform confusion.  I’d be interested to know what you think!

While there’s no precedent that I can recall in Star Trek for ships having different uniforms, they did have different insignia in the original series.  Maybe the new costume designer has taken that idea to a whole new level!

Go bookmark TrekCore and stay up to date on everything Star Trek Beyond.

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