NuTrek III Update – New Costumes and a New Alien

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A lot of filming is happening in Vancouver, and it’s slowly – in tiny little trickles – giving us insight into the new Star Trek feature film due out on the 8th of July next year.

A series of very interesting photos have popped up online via ScreenCrush, as well a video which was quickly taken down by Paramount.

Some people might consider the following to be spoilers (which is why the link is way way below), so if you don’t want to know anything about the new movie, click or tap away from this post like a crazy person!  Just in case you have trouble finding the right button in time, here’s a lovely image of the cast of NuTrek with J.J. Abrams to break up this post…

NuTrek Cast and JJ Abrams

Still with me?

Okay then…

ScreenCrush have a bunch of exclusive shots from the set of Star Trek Beyond.

There’s nothing in any of the photos that gives away the plot of the new film, so don’t worry about that, but there are photos that show us a brand new alien and what appear to be brand new standard and away team uniforms for Starfleet personnel.

Simon Pegg can be seen sporting the new standard uniform design which is just slightly altered with a higher collar, and Anton Yelchin and Chris Pine can be seen wearing what I’m assuming are new away team (or landing party, if you want to be traditional) uniforms.

For those of you who weren’t aware, Justin Lin, the Director of Star Trek Beyond, brought in his own costume designer for the latest Trek film.  Sanja Hays replaces Michael Kaplan, who designed the updated Starfleet uniforms for 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

As you’ll see when you follow the link below to ScreenCrush, Sanja has designed a more practical new look for those Starfleet officers who go on away missions.  I’d love to have the photos up here, but it’s an exclusive to ScreenCrush and I need to respect that and direct a visit to their site.

The new away team/landing party uniforms look great.  One of my few quibbles with Star Trek has been the impracticality of the crew uniforms.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock had an added jacket for away missions, and Star Trek: Enterprise had the MACOs who were decked out and ready for anything, but otherwise nothing in any movie or episode ever really looked rugged enough to survive the potential harsh conditions and dangers of exploring an unknown world.

While Starfleet has traditionally had an exploration and peace-keeping focus, it has also been the defense force of the Federation.  To coin a Vulcanism, it’s only logical to be prepared for every possibility, and spandex isn’t being prepared.

When you visit ScreenCrush, you’ll also get a look at Sofia Boutella in makeup and costume.  She’s playing an alien we’ve never seen before in any Star Trek film or television series.

For those of you who don’t know who Sofia is, here’s a photo of her when she’s not playing an alien in a science fiction blockbuster…

Sophia Boutella

If you’d like to check out her work, her IMDb profile is here.

We know absolutely nothing about Sofia’s character or the species she is playing.  The crew and cast of the latest Star Trek film have been incredibly tight lipped, but the character looks interesting.

Her look in the movie is almost feral.  Stark white skin with black facial tattoos, and a long white poneytail.

She looks ready for action.

You can’t tell much about her relationship to the crew, but she appears to be working with them.

The biggest reveal though, is the uniforms. In the photos, Anton and Chris are wearing a black tunic, presumably the same style the cast has been wearing for years under their duty uniforms, but that’s where the old ends and the new begins.  We can see new steel blue leather (or some other heavy material) jackets with what we can only assume are department related coloured stripes on the shoulders, and we can also see the familiar Starfleet delta on the chest and as the central focus of a patch on the shoulder, as well as new pants that look to be leather with knee padding (they’re reminiscent of motocross pants), a new holster strapped across the waist and thigh, and much heavier looking boots.  The pants, like the jacket, are steel blue.  The boots are black with what appears to be a steel shin guard.

The patch, interestingly, was the first official photo released from the film back when it was gearing up to commence filming.  Justin Lin released a photo on Twitter to wet the appetites of fans who had been waiting far too long for news.

It took a while to find a good image of it, but the wonderful Serpentorslair has an excellent quality one.

Star Trek Beyond - First Production Photo

The photos from Vancouver don’t give a lot away about the plot of Star Trek Beyond – but we can draw a few conclusions.

The shots seem to suggest that the alien Sofia is playing is helping Kirk and his crew escape from a crash site, or she’s helping them to investigate a crash site.

As you go through the photos you will see what might be harness wires behind Chris Pine and Anton Yelchin.  These could indicate that Kirk and Chekov are propelled from the hatch of the crashed ship or that once they’re up on the surface of the crashed ship an explosion takes place blowing both of them off the hull?  Because of the angle, it’s also possible the wire is just a safety device holding the hatch open so it doesn’t bonk one of the actors on the head!

It’s all conjecture until some plot details leak.

If you want to check out the ScreenCrush article and see all the photos, click here for their exclusive.

Star Trek Beyond Logo for STPRO

LCARS Interface

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