Nu-Trek III Update – Leonard Nimoy Tribute and More Costume Information

Star Trek Beyond Banner 1

The latest and final Omaze video to raise money for charity, features Zachary Quinto and a tribute to the legendary Leonard Nimoy.

The tribute features a handful of behind the scenes shots of Leonard on set during the previous two Star Trek films, as well as the entire main cast of the films and Idris Elba signing off with the Vulcan salute – which is a beautiful touch.

According to numerous articles over the years, the cast of the rebooted Star Trek film series grew close to Leonard Nimoy during 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, in particular Zachary Quinto who so superbly fills Leonard’s shoes as the young, alternate timeline Spock.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, the link is right here.  Omaze have dedicated the week to Leonard, and there are three days left (as of the 27th of August) in their tribute week.

On a lighter note, yesterday Zachary Quinto uploaded an interesting shot to his Instagram.

As you might remember, about a week ago we put up a post about some new away team/landing party uniforms seen on the outdoor sets of Star Trek Beyond in Vancouver, and mentioned that it looked like there was a new duty uniform on Simon Pegg too.

It’s now pretty clear there IS a new duty uniform, and the uniforms we’ve grown used to are no more.

Check Zachary’s post to instagram below.

New Uniform Zachery Quinto

Of particular interest, this photo suggests things are not so great for Spock in the new film as a forlorn looking Zachary looks out at us.  Zachary writes “everything will (probably) be ok.”

The photo shows the new uniform with its high neck collar, darkened under arm panels, a black high neck under tunic and a distinct lack of the Starfleet delta patterned material that was one of the coolest parts of the new design for the first two films.

The photo also shows some green blood staining Spock’s hand.

That photo raises some interesting questions, and I can’t wait to find out more!

Though it’s frustrating having so little information on Star Trek Beyond, the tiny bits we are getting hint at a very interesting and exciting movie!

Come on July 2016.  I can’t wait!

LCARS Interface

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