Nu-Trek III Update – Vancouver

Star Trek Beyond Banner 1

Star Trek Beyond is attracting a lot of attention in Vancouver, one of the main filming locations for the film which is due for release in July of next year.

Susan Gittins is one of those people paying close attention to the shoot.  Susan’s a mainstream media journalist who started writing about, and taking photos of, productions doing their thing in Vancouver after the 2010 Winter Olympics showcased the beautiful city for the world to see.

Her blog is great – it has a wealth of information on a variety of films and television shows in production in Vancouver and it’s well worth a look.

For Trek fans, she has some great secret shots of the new, huge, mysterious set that has been under construction in Vancouver, and these include a shot of possible new aliens being directed by Justin Lin.  A lot of the shots are on green screen but they give us an interesting look at the new film as it comes together.

Check out the two reports she has just posted right here!

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