Star Trek: TNG – The Worf Chronicles

Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry

A while ago I made a reference to the various pitches that have gone to CBS in the hopes of becoming the next Star Trek television series.

I’ll take a look at them over the next little while for those of you who haven’t stumbled across them yet.

One of those pitches is for a series set between the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Nemesis, focusing on everyone’s favourite Klingon, Worf.


With possibly the longest title in television history: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Worf Chronicles, the possible series hopes to focus on Worf with some cameos from the Next Gen era actors, which we can assume might also include characters from DS9 and ‘Voyager’.

I can’t actually see a series in this idea. A two or three part mini-series, for sure.  An ongoing, 13 episode, renewable series that might last five to seven years?  Not really.

Thankfully, people disagree with me!

A recent drive to promote Michael Dorn’s pitch to CBS saw close to 70,000 mini-muffins descend on CBS studios.  The push to encourage CBS to put the series to pilot was carried out by Dan Deevy.  Simply titled “We Want Worf”, it is unclear if the muffiny-goodness influenced CBS or not.

Dan is organising another push to get CBS to make a pilot, and you can learn all about his efforts over at 1701News, by clicking here.

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