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V'Ger Announcement - Star Trek The Motion Picture

The always informative Trek Movie site has three articles that might be of interest to fans.

The first highlights one of the reasons I envy Americans so much.  It’s about an upcoming Trek convention – Star Trek:Las Vegas.  You can read all about it here.

The latest Trek convention will feature a retrospective on Leonard Nimoy hosted by his son, Adam, a panel on the impact Star Trek: Voyager had on female roles in science fiction, and the premiere of episode four of the beautifully crafted Star Trek: Continues fan series.

Guests will include The Shat, Sir Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, George Takei, Jeri Ryan, Connor Trinneer and Karl Urban.

There has been a lot said in recent years on the feud between Kate and Jeri over Jeri’s addition to the ‘Voyager’ cast after Jennifer Lien (Kes) left the show.  Hopefully that will all be put to bed at this con.  If any reader is going, we’d love to hear about your experience and whether or not these two women appear on stage together and get along.  I hope they do!  Janeway and Seven are two characters I love, and Kate and Jeri are two actors I respect.  It would be wonderful if this black mark on Trek’s history was finally erased.

The other two news pieces on offer from Trek Movie are, a piece on how Pluto’s moon Charon has been given the Star Trek treatment, here, and a piece on whether or not we still need Star Trek conventions, here.

I hope you enjoy the articles.

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