Series VI Update – Promotional Video

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Images have leaked on Facebook from what appears to be the production of a promotional video for the new Star Trek series.

The post comes from one of the cameramen filming the scene.  The post doesn’t name the new Star Trek series, but does mention it’s for something that will air in January 2017 – which makes it likely the images are related to the new series due out in ten months.

Series IV Preproduction Photo

One of the images shows what appears to be an astronaut about to step onto a sandy, rock strewn terrain.  The actor is being filmed against a green screen and he has been described by a couple of Trek fan sites as a stand-in.

A stand-in is often used to test camera angles and effects shots.  They’re usually required to stand in place or walk through a set series of actions, so that a production team can get everything rigged before bringing an actor on stage.  They’ll be wearing the exact same costume as the actor they’re standing in for, and will have the same makeup on so that the colour can be tested as well as how the light hits an actors face.

The photo doesn’t tell us a lot.  If it is for a promo, it could be for a series of images that quickly show us the history that has taken place in the lead up to whatever timeframe the series is set in, or it could be a tiny snippit of something we will see in the actual series.

There just isn’t enough information for anyone to make any sort of accurate guess.  The photo hasn’t received any comment from CBS so it is also entirely possible it has nothing to do with the new Star Trek series.  The amazing guys over at TrekCore are seeking confirmation from the person who posted the shots.

To check out additional information on the above image and one extra photo, visit the TrekCore article here.  TrekNews have also featured it here.

As always, as news comes to light on the new Star Trek series, I’ll post it.

January 2017 can’t come fast enough!

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