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It looks like the idea of writing a novel featuring a Prometheus Class starship called the USS Prometheus is a good one!

And I wasn’t the only one to have it. recently announced a new book trilogy called Star Trek: Prometheus.  The trilogy is coming out of Germany (which explains why I had 233 hits all from Germany today), and is being written by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg.

The series will be in German, and apparently may be translated into English at some point in the near future.

To read the article at announcing the arrival of these new books, click here.

The announcement, to paraphrase Valeris from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, threw a sabo into my works.

I’d been developing my Star Trek: Prometheus project for 14 months.  It began as a novel, and then, a few months later, it also became an experiment in creating a fictional new Star Trek series, using the novel to develop the story.  I knew the novel was never going to get published, just as I knew the series would never get made – it was all a work of fandom that I hoped someone else other than me would enjoy.  It gave me a chance to write about something I love, and it gave me an excuse to create a blog that focused on Star Trek, which is something I’d wanted to do for years.

The first 10 chapters of the book existed on Wattpad for about 11 months before I removed it from that site to put it on this one where it belonged – once I had built up the content so visitors had something to read while I worked away in the background.

My story, thankfully, is completely different to Bernd and Christians, we all just had the same idea for the title of a work of fiction… which actually happens more often than most people might think!

To avoid confusion, and because I’m not a published novelist, I’ve changed the name of my site and changed the name and class of the ship that is the book’s primary setting.  It’s important to mention that no one asked me to change anything, and no official (or unofficial) correspondence or communication of any kind has occurred between me and anyone associated with Star Trek.

I still intend to tell my story, because I think it’s a good one.

Ambassador Class in Nebula

To distance myself from the official novel happening over in Germany and any other promotional work that might happen around its release, I’ve changed the site to scrub it of all things Prometheus – which is why the blog is looking a little different.

While all of this has cost me a little bit of money and caused me to do a rewrite, I sincerely wish Bernd and Christian enormous success with their trilogy, and I hope it goes on to become a popular series of books like Peter David’s wonderful New Frontier series, and David Mack’s outstanding Vanguard series.  In the scheme of things, the changes aren’t bad and I actually believe they’ve improved the story.

It’s sad to say goodbye to the USS Prometheus, but I get the feeling she’s in good hands.

The Prometheus Class is a very intriguing breed of Starfleet vessel and it deserves a story or three.  I’m really happy someone is going to thrust it into the limelight.

Thanks to everyone who has been following the site to date, I hope you will stick around and not be too thrown by the changes!

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