Nu-Trek III Update – Filming Starts in Dubai

Star Trek Beyond Banner 2

This weekend, the next stage of filming for Star Trek Beyond kicked off in the beautiful city of Dubai.

TrekCore have three stories focusing on the Dubai location over at their website.  Don’t worry too much about spoilers because there’s not a lot to give away, however, if you consider anything to be a spoiler, be warned that the second and third articles do show what appear to be even more new Starfleet uniform designs – this time on a group of extras in some kind of crowd scene.

The first article focuses mainly on the mystery of the green-screen encased portion of what looks like a starship’s saucer section, though we’re still left wondering whether or not the crashed ship is the Enterprise.

The second and third articles focus on local tabloid video and photo shots of the production and the new uniforms.

It’s probably a good time to congratulate Justin Lin and his team on the secrecy they’ve been able to maintain for the upcoming blockbuster.  We still know next to nothing about Star Trek Beyond, and that’s exciting!

To check out the first article at TrekCore, click here.  As well as a focus on the crashed saucer section it also lets us know that Sofia Boutella has arrived in Dubai.

The last two articles are here and feature footage shot by locals on what are no doubt smartphones.  It’s these two articles that give us a look at the new uniform designs.

Thanks once again, TrekCore, for being one of the most up to date information sources for the new Star Trek film.

LCARS Interface

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