Star Trek… Warped?!


Ready for something a little different?  Been missing Star Trek: The Next Generation and lamenting the fact it was only on air for seven seasons?

Well… turns out it wasn’t.  There were actually eight seasons of NextGen, but number eight was shelved because someone had a bright idea about killing Captain Kirk under a tonne of rocks on the silver screen.


There was no season eight, but unfortunately someone did have the bright idea of killing Captain Kirk under a tonne of rocks.  That part, sadly, is true.

But!  Mike McMahan is asking us to forget all that and let him convince us that hiding in the vaults at CBS are a bunch of unaired NextGen episodes just waiting to see the light of day.

Mike’s written a fictional episode guide on the mythical season eight of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Simon & Shuster are releasing it this October.  The book will run 192 paqes and will cost around $16 in the United States and $21 in Canada.  No word yet on how much it will cost in the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.

The blurb on the back of the book has this to say about the episode guide that has been many years (and tweets) in the making:

In the basement of the Star Trek archives, behind shelves of USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D models, bags of wigs, and bins of plastic phasers, sits a dusty cardboard box. Inside is a pile of VHS tapes that contain never-before-seen episodes and behind-the-scenes footage for something truly amazing. The world thinks there are only seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation but there’s one more. A secret season.
Star Trek Warped

You might be asking yourself “who is this Mike McMahan, and why is he toying with our emotions?”  The answer to that question can be found on Twitter.  Mike is the amusing voice behind the @TNG_S8 Twitter account, and he has been entertaining Trekkers for quite a while now with tales about life onboard the Enterprise D.

‘Star Trek: Warped’ is a parody.  Just in case you weren’t sure.  It’s structured like any old school Trek episode guide and features things like “real” facts from the set, “real” stories of behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and “real” dialogue straight from the episodes.

If you’d like to check out more about this upcoming release, the article is on the Official Star Trek website.  You can jump over and read it right here.

I have to say, I am looking forward to this.

I DO miss ST: TNG and it’s my go to happy place when things get me down.  There’s nothing better than an evening with Picard and his team when I want to forget the 21st Century and go for a wander through the 24th.

When the book hits the stands in Australia I’ll check it out and pop up a review for you guys so you can work out whether or not it’s worth your hard earned cash.  No word yet if it will be available on Kindle, iBooks or any other e-reader, but I’m assuming it will be.  It is, after all, only logical.

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