Nu-Trek III Update – Simon Pegg Talks Writing Beyond

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Information about the next Trek film is slowly trickling out, with this latest bit of news coming from one of the most frequently updated Star Trek news sites on the web – TrekCore.  You can find the full article here.

In brief, it’s Simon Pegg talking about the writing process, and how he found the amazing Memory Alpha (Star Trek Wiki) incredibly useful.

Simon Pegg

If you’ve never played around in Memory Alpha, it’s well worth setting aside some time and taking a leap into this amazing, fan created reference work.

Memory Alpha also has a sister site, Memory Beta, which focuses on the ‘not-quite-canon’ entries to the Star Trek universe.  Memory Alpha does link to some of this ‘non-canon’ information, particularly the relaunch novel entries, but Memory Beta is the site specifically for that.

Both sites are incredible, easy to navigate and comprehensive.  The level of detail is exceptional and they’re both constantly updated.

They’re well worth a visit.  Here are the links to both: Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

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