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Star Trek Discovery Update Banner June 20

Are you ready for another Star Trek: Discovery ‘head tweak’?

Entertainment Weekly have released a new photo from the upcoming series, this time depicting the USS Shenzhou‘s transporter room.

It looks nothing like anything we are even remotely used to.

Before I share the image with you, keep in mind that the Shenzhou is an older ship, and the Discovery’s transporter room is probably going to look very different to this.

First, here’s a quick reminder of some of the transporter rooms we’ve seen over the years.

When you see the image below, you’ll notice that both Captain Georgiou and Lieutenant Commander Burnham are wearing slightly different uniforms.  It appears that they’re in tactical gear for some sort of potentially hazardous or confrontational away mission.

The tactical gear looks like it slips over a streamlined version of the standard uniform – I say streamlined because the neckline looks different to the necklines of the uniforms seen on both women in past production stills.  You’ll also notice that the tactical uniform comes with a gun holster and at least one pouch which probably holds a communicator.

The guns appear to be slightly similar to those from the original Star Trek series.

The tactical uniforms are not similar to the old MACO uniforms.

Archer, T'Pol and Reed with MACO soldiers

The transporter is really unusual, and has an almost SteamPunk feel.

You’ll notice there is some sort of transparent shield between the transporter officers and the Captain and First Officer.  It’s reflecting something blue that must be part of the console the transporter officers are using – but it just looks like a blue band of light.

You’ll also notice two huge dishes behind Georgiou and Burnham.

No idea what they are for.  They must be part of the mechanism.

Enough of my rambling.  Here’s the image.


I don’t know what to think of this.

Very few of the changes have irked me, and I don’t actually know if this one does or doesn’t.  It’s a great image… it excites me… it does worry me just a little because it is so SO different to all of the other transporter rooms we’ve seen over the years, including the transporter room from the Kelvin timeline.  If it purposefully ignores all of the Trek’s that have gone before it, then that’s going to annoy me because it seems like such an unnecessary change.  If there’s a reason and a rationale for it, I’m not going to mind.  As if CBS has to impress me!  Yes, I’m chuckling to myself right now.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see what went into this design and why it was changed.

To close out this article, there’s one more thing I think you guys might want to check out.

TrekMovie have done an incredible graphic breakdown of the new uniforms.  It’s beautiful, and it highlighted stuff I hadn’t picked up on.  Did you know there are Starfleet Delta clasps on the boots!  The article that accompanies the graphic also suggests some design links to both Star Trek: Enterprise, and “The Cage”.  Here’s a sneak peak of a bit of that diagrammatic breakdown, just to get you interested.

TrekMovie Star Trek Discovery Uniform Breakdown Slice.png

You can read and see more here.

The TrekMovie guys have done an AMAZING job on this infographic.  It’s beautiful.

That’s all the news for now.

Remember, if you want to read the whole EW article when it is released in a few days, then go subscribe to EW here.

You might be thinking there can’t possibly be more news to share from that article, but I get the feeling there will be.  EW are a clever bunch, they’re probably holding back on some really exciting stuff, while purposefully whetting our appetites.

If anything else is released between now and then, we’ll make sure we post it here.

Excited for the new show yet?

I hope so.  I can’t wait.

LCARS Interface

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