Discovery Launch Date Confirmed

Star Trek Discovery Update Banner June 20

CBS All Access have finally revealed the launch date for the highly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery.

September 24… this year!

They did it in style, with a little animated image on Twitter, via the official Star Trek CBS Twitter feed.

STDSC Launch Date

Best thing about that Twitter post?

Apart from finally knowing when we’ll get to see the show, we are given our clearest look yet at the USS Discovery.

Even better than that?  The incredible team at TrekMovie have grabbed themselves as high a resolution version of that image as they could find and embiggened the crap out of it to show us this…

Close Up of the USS Discovery

That, my friends, is a sexy ship.

It still looks a lot like the vessel we saw in that very first teaser trailer way back when Bryan Fuller was still heavily involved in the show, but check out the markings on the ‘wing’ like nacelles.  They’re new.  I’ve re-watched that original trailer and those bold stripes are no where to be seen.

I like it.  I’m certain there’s a reason for them.  I am starting to doubt that the Discovery will be on any sort of ‘normal’ Starfleet mission and I’m so excited I think I might have to go run a kilometre or ten to calm down!

Alongside the announcement of the release date, there was new poster and… a tiny little bit of disappointing news.

The series will air in two halves – which we were all pretty much guessing anyway.  It just seems to be the way of things with shows these days.

The first half of Season One will be eight episodes long and will air through November.  Then, we get December off and episodes 9-15 will air starting in January.

New STar Trek Discovery Poster

Not long after releasing all of this information, Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts had a chat with Entertainment Weekly to further address all of the delays.

In brief… waiting for Sonequa Martin-Green to finish up her commitments on The Walking Dead made things slow down a bit, but, the challenge of building this new world played a massive part in all of the rescheduling.  I’m so glad they have admitted to this, because any Star Trek series is a huge undertaking, and none more so than a prequel.

In that interview it was also revealed that we haven’t seen the bridge of the Discovery yet… which I think a lot of us knew.  I think most fans, myself included, realised that the bridge in the most recent trailer was that of the Shenzhou.

What we didn’t know is that Shenzhou is an older vessel, and an entirely different one to the Discovery.

If you’d like to read the Entertainment Weekly article, the link is above (see the pretty blue highlighted ‘Entertainment Weekly‘.

If you’d like to check out TrekMovie‘s embiggened Discovery image, click here.

At that link, you’ll also see the Netflix animated announcement which is pretty cool.

Star Trek: Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green, and will air in the US and Canada on the 24th of September 2017 via CBS (and then CBS All Access) in the States, and Space in Canada.  It will air on the 25th of September in Australia and everywhere else in the world, on Netflix.

Apparently the second episode will air that same night, though only on CBS All Access – so the pilot will air on CBS and CBS All Access, with episode 2 only on CBS All Access.  I can’t work out if the second episode will be available straight away on Space or Netflix for those of us not in the States, but I assume so.  As soon as we know, we’ll post about it.

LCARS Interface

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