Series VI Update – New Creative Staff

Series VI Update Banner - Nicholas Meyer

In the most exciting announcement since CBS told us a new Star Trek series was in production, Bryan Fuller has let the world know about a new addition to the creative team behind Series VI.

Nicholas Meyer.

Nicholas has a long history with Star Trek.  He was recruited by the late Harve Bennett to help breathe new life into the film series after Star Trek: The Motion Picture was considered a success, but a troubled and far too expensive one.

Nicholas directed and co-wrote the critically acclaimed fan favourite Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (though he didn’t get a writing credit for that film), which is still considered the best Trek film out of all twelve that have been produced to date.

He also co-wrote Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, another critically acclaimed fan favourite, and co-wrote and directed the swan song for the original Enterprise crew – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Bryan and Alex (Kurtzman) have appointed Nicholas as a Consulting Producer, and he will also serve in the Writers Room as one of the many talented people who will help bring us the first new Star Trek series in over a decade.

With the inclusion of Nicholas Meyer, the new series now has representatives from every era of Trek – Meyer representing the original series, Fuller representing the Next Gen era, and Kurtzman representing NuTrek.

This is one heck of an accomplished creative team, and the announcement is a wonderful 50th Anniversary present for Trek fans.

I can’t imagine which reality of Star Trek this new series is going to take place in now, and while I still hope it’s the Prime Universe, I care a little less about that because of the incredible talent that is being brought together to bring us Series VI.

The announcement is on pretty much every science fiction and Trek fan site on the web, but you can check it out here on the Star Trek homepage.

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  1. The news about Nicolas Meyer is very encouraging. I had the good fortune to listen to a talk he gave at Destination Star Trek in London in 2014 and he struck me as intelligent, articulate and passionate. Star Trek will be in good hands.


    1. It’s exciting – and completely unexpected! I’ve never seen him speak (and am a little envious right now), but every interview I’ve read or watched shows him to be exactly as you suggest… “intelligent, articulate and passionate”. I couldn’t agree more, Darth Timon (fantastic handle, by the way). Star Trek is definitely in good hands!

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