NuTrek III Update – Trailer Coming Soon


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TrekCore is reporting that Justin Lin, the Director for Star Trek Beyond, is stating that a trailer for the new Trek movie (due out next year) is on its way.

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The report comes via Justin’s Twitter account where a fan was begging for information on the new movie.

And who can blame that fan?  Let’s face it, information has been frustratingly scarce.  All we get are the same old things – Simon Pegg telling us how much fun it’s been and how difficult it was writing the film in a six month instead of 12 month time period, and a lot of set shots from Dubai and Vancouver, none of which really tell us anything.

Thankfully, Justin responded to that fan and TrekCore have that information right here.  Head over and have a read.  It included an unconfirmed possible release date for the trailer.  I say unconfirmed, because a ‘like’ to a comment on Twitter could be read in a number of ways.  You’ll see what I mean when you read the TrekCore article.

Kirk Uhura and Spock in STID

Probably the most disturbing stuff we’re hearing about the new film is the uncertainty around whether or not there will be a fourth.

That’s only disturbing because of the confidence expressed in the 2009 film and the 2013 film.  There seems to be a little less of that this time around.

Would Paramount rush a Trek film just to make the 50th Anniversary deadline?

They might.  I’d like to think they wouldn’t, if it risked tanking, but you just never know these days.

Usually we’ve heard a lot more about a Star Trek film by now.  At this point three years ago, in the lead up to the release of Into Darkness, we were all arguing about John Harrison with most of us pretty sure he was Khan.

Bad Robot is notorious for keeping things under wraps, so maybe that is what’s going on here and I’m just being paranoid.  Weirdly, I’m paranoid because strange things are happening in the Star Trek universe…

  • the announcement of a new television series that no-one saw coming, and didn’t even come close to getting leaked;
  • next to no word on anything special happening for the 50th;
  • a pretty crappy looking new comic on it’s way out focusing on Starfleet Academy;
  • the tumultuous time Trek III had in it’s lead up to filming and no one saying for certain that it’s going to be amazing;
  • the mystery announcement by Star Trek: Renegades after their meeting with CBS that said (barely a month before the new TV series’ announcement) there were good reasons why no Trek series could be produced at this time.

When you’re a sci-fi fan who is used to seeing shows they love disappear for no good reason (Firefly, the new V, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, Star Trek: Enterprise) you do get nervous.

Hopefully the new trailer, when it comes, will assuage all those fears and hopefully the eventual news that is bound to come about the new series will get every fan excited.

Guess we’ve just got to wait and see.

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