Star Trek: Renegades Continues!

Star Trek Renegades Banner

I’m very happy to report that Star Trek: Renegades is continuing!

Just not in the way many of us had hoped it would.

As promised, the producers and creative team behind Renegades approached CBS and presented the pilot film, hoping the network would see the same potential that many of us had.

It can be inferred from their update that CBS liked what they saw, but that CBS could not progress the pilot to series – or any new Star Trek concept to series.

Here’s an extract of the statement from the Renegades site:

“For reasons we are not able to disclose, CBS cannot move forward with Star Trek Renegades at this time – or any Star Trek series for that matter.

Far from being sore losers, the Renegades team gave CBS the praise the studio deserves.  To put the next statement from the Renegades website into context, there is no reason for any network or film studio to allow fans to use their intellectual property to make independent films or television series’.  CBS is, without exception, quite forward thinking in their approach.  Of course, there are benefits to letting fans “do their thing” – it keeps a product in the minds and hearts of other fans, and it actually does nurture an industry, also it could lead to subsidiary financial rewards for a studio – but few networks and studios encourage or tolerate fan made productions the way CBS does.  Granted, there are few television shows or movies that generate the same level of fandom as Star Trek!

Here’s what the Renegades team said in their statement:

“We have nothing but praise for CBS. Their approach in allowing these independent productions supported by fans is enlightened and progressive. They deserve kudos for understanding that it is us — the fans — that keep Star Trek alive.”

The Renegades team don’t elaborate any further, and probably can’t, but it’s the first time I’ve ever heard mention of CBS being unable to develop or produce a new Star Trek series.  It certainly explains why we haven’t had any new Trek on our television screens in ten years.  Perhaps there was a deal done with Paramount when J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot agreed to reboot the film franchise?

After Enterprise and the failure of Nemesis there were a lot of arguments about franchise fatigue.

If something was agreed to between CBS and Paramount, I’d love someone to review that agreement and find a way to end it.  As much as I enjoy the rebooted film series, I miss Star Trek on television.

So, Star Trek: Renegades is continuing, just not as an official Trek series, but as an independent production.

If anyone knows anything more about why Renegades or any other idea can’t go forward on television right now, please tell us below in the comments.

While we all mull over why an official series can’t be filmed, let’s not forget to celebrate the fact that we will have on ongoing, professionally produced independent series to look forward to.

The Renegades team tell us that they will be aiming to film the following episodes like any network does – on an eight day shoot – so hopefully we won’t have too long to wait for another instalment.  There will be some delay, however, because they will still need to raise money to cover costs, but only time will tell how long that wait will be.

Congratulations, Renegades team.  I wish it had worked out with CBS, but thank you for not giving up and thank you for your willingness to give us fans what we want.

I’m looking forward to Episode Two!

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